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Complete search - If you are looking for apparell and the one you choose does not include decoration (screen print or embroidery) please send us the item number directly and we will get you a quote of the item with decoration.

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Limited time - 25 piece minimum quantity items - flyers (frizbees) and plastic cups.

Need one or two tees, shirts, cups or other items? We have our sister site where you can go, pick out what you want and email us to design it for you. Then you can see the design on the item and order it right there. We are also adding products you can just add you logo/picture to yourself. Visit us at www.letusdesignit.net





Email: sales@otbservices.com • Phone:Carol @ 508-317-9025 • Phone: Mike @ 781-336-7408


If you feel more comfortable talking to a person that is fine. just call us or drop us an email with the item you are interested in and our customer service department will call you back to help you with your order.